Aloft Broomfield knows how to take care of their guests!  Thank you for your outstanding hospitality, Alie! Check the story out below: 

"Today was a slight turn of events. A former guest had a gorgeous vase of sunflowers delivered to the hotel. On Friday, June 5th, the guest was desperately seeking a hotel room as she let me know over the phone she was leaving her boyfriend who was abusive to her. At check-in, I could tell she was shaken and nervous, rightfully so. I waived the pet fee, provided her with a room far from the elevators for some quiet space, asked her for names of individuals she did not want to contact her, and after she was settled into her room, I brought her print-offs of domestic violence phone numbers and other resources, as well as some menus and a Starbucks mocha. I certainly wanted her to feel like she was in a safe space and that people, be it a complete stranger, cared about her. She was brought to tears with the gesture and was immensely appreciative. That night I went home with her on my mind. On my following off-day, I made sure to get the guest a card and a gift card to help her cover any expenses during her move. When she checked out on Sunday, I was able to give her the card and let her know that everyone at the hotel had her in our thoughts. The guest was moved to tears again and expressed how much she loved everyone at the hotel. Today’s delivery of the flowers reminded me that the hospitality sector lives for moments like this and that we touch so many lives with our words and actions."