The team at Hampton Inn Grand Central sure knows how to keep guests happy, even in a blizzard! Just look at the two stories below which showcase going above and beyond to take care of their guests. Thanks to Saule Z. - Front Office Supervisor, and the rest of the team for consistently making guests a happiness a priority!

"Lost" in Translation:
"Our guests from Argentina were so sad to leave us today. They were waiting for their shuttle driver for a very long time. They asked us if it would be possible to give them a call to confirm their pick up. They only speak Spanish so we had to call Jimmy to help us with translation. As Jimmy was translating, he engaged with them by asking how their stay with us was. They stated that this trip was unforgettable for them. Even the cold weather didn’t ruin their stay. They thanked us for keeping them warm and comfy throughout their stay. They needed assistance with their luggage, and Jimmy was more than happy to assist them. Thank you, Jimmy for going above and beyond for our guest!!! Thank you from World Famous Team for assisting us with translation!!!"

Hot & Happy Hampton Tea
"New York City has been experiencing a very harsh winter. Temperature has been below freezing for over two weeks now, and unfortunately, a member of one of our favorite family fell ill due to it being too cold. Daniela and her family is from Brazil, so they are not use to this weather. They checked out today and were waiting in the breakfast area for their cab. Her husband asked Shanique for a cup of ice for her so she could put it on her forehead in hopes of lowering her temperature. Shanique asked what her exact symptoms were, and he said she reacted badly to the cold and has a high temperature and body ache. Shanique went to Daniela and offered her our hot “I love lemon” herbal tea with sliced lemon and pure honey. Daniela and the entire family thanked Shanique for being so sweet. Fortunately, Danila was feeling a little better after her lemon and honey tea. As they were leaving, Daniela and her husband stopped by to shake Shanique’s hand and to thank her for the amazing hospitality! Thank you, Shanique for keeping our guest happy and healthy!!"