Jonathan Rodriguez, Assistant Front Office Manager at the Four Points Midtown Times Square, explains how Louis and Ivory repaired a shattered opportunity for a guest:

"Louis ran into one of our guests today who was staying with us because of the car show nearby. The guest had on him a presentation board framed in glass which broke while traveling from the Javits Center to our hotel. Louis had a small conversation with him to see if everything was ok, and the guest explained that without this board, he would not be able to sell what he came here to sell and this whole trip would be pointless. Louis had to think this through and find the best way to get this glass frame fixed. Louis Googled every store he could think of, including Lowe’s, Home Depot and even Ace Hardware, but no luck. Finally he found a store that fixes/replaces glass frames, and within fifteen minutes Louis flew to the store with the frame in his hand and got to the store before they closed. Ivory also played a role in getting this done by helping with the communication between Louis and myself. Without Ivory this wouldn’t have been possible because I was busy running around and she had to chase me down half the time. Finally we were able to get it fixed, and it will arrive nice and early tomorrow before his presentation."