Illia Jaquez, Assistant Front Office Manager at Sheraton Brooklyn New York Hotel describes the magical surprise: 

"Ms. Stephanie checked in tonight with her six-year-old daughter Madeline. At check in Madeliene had her mom stop the check in because she realized her first loose tooth was just about to come out. We took the opportunity to let Maddy know that the tooth fairy would come by her room tonight to give her something special. We got her a few treats to celebrate losing her first tooth. When they returned to the hotel from having dinner we approached them in the lobby for the special delivery from the "Tooth Fairy", needless to say that little Maddy was super excited. There was a light up Starwars tooth brush which turned out to be "My absolute favorite thing ever, I love Starwars." Ms. Stephanie and Maddy's grandma were so impressed with everything, they were almost in tears they were so happy!"