We received this report from the Four Points Midtown - Times Square. Thank you Ari for owning this issue and making a memorable experience for this guest!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! To end the day on a positive note, we had no choice but to have WOW’d a mom on Mother’s Day. A couple came down to Ari this morning with a huge smile on their faces. The lady had just been proposed to and also received flowers for being a mother. The lady frantically requested a vase to keep the flowers fresh and vibrant looking. Ari informed the guest that we did not have any vases in stock, and the guest slowly moved away from the front desk and started frowning. Well, Ari couldn’t handle seeing a guest upset like that, so he went to the lady and asked her to give him a few minutes and he would be right back. Ari ran into Port authority where there is a flower stand. He asked for the largest vase they had available to sell, handed the gentleman a bill and returned to the hotel to bring the vase, (which was wrapped in a bow) over to the lady. The guest was beyond herself and thankful for the effort that was put in.