Thanks to Ashley at Four Points Times Square for her quick thinking and skill during a guest's minor emergency! Jonathan Rodriguez relays the event:

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer outside these days around the Four Points. All of a sudden, a little girl ran through the lobby and got her dress caught on a knob of our fire panel. The mother was angry with the little girl since they were running late for a show. Ashley went over to the little girl because she was crying from her mother yelling at her, and was able to cheer her up a bit by giving her a big Ashley hug. The plan was for Ashley to go get a sewing kit and have the little girl’s dress sewed up as quickly as possible. The little girl’s mother had the cab waiting outside and they really had to go so Ashley quickly clocked out for her break and took the cab ride with them. On the way, Ashley managed to help sew the little’s girl’s dress as best as she knew how and that was good enough. Ashley returned to the Four Points about thirty minutes later and was approached by all of us with an around of an applause as she really wowed not just the guest but all of us here at the Four Points.