Art Cheung, General Manager at the Four Points Financial District, sent us this comment from a guest:

"Michalyn LeeYow is truly an asset to your organization. This top notch professional is exactly the kind of ambassador for your brand that your executive management team should be proud of. When I was checking in on Saturday, I witnessed Michalyn de-escalate a situation with a problem an upset guest brought to her. The distressed woman was in tears because she did not have any towels. She must have been having a hard day and that sent her over the edge, I'm not sure. Michalyn acknowledged the woman's frustration, sympathized with her, explained why there were no towels and resolved the issue. She also provided her an additional overture of apology with giving her and her husband a breakfast voucher (I believe). What really impressed me was that Michalyn came out from behind the desk, walked around and hugged the woman who was in tears! Honestly, if I was in Michalyn's position I would not have been as understanding over the reaction to not having towel request".                       

Impressive recovery! Way to go, Michalyn!