The Commander Hotel holds family and values above almost everything else, priding themselves on the "celebration of tradition". This is especially apparent in the story Suzanne Jackson, Assistant General Manager, shared with us:

"The staff at the Commander Hotel goes above and beyond the call of duty to make us feel welcome and like family. The rooms are clean and spacious. We are a family with two handicapped children and one handicapped adult, in-home health aides and a service dog. There is so much involved in even getting our family to the beach and so much medical equipment to bring and issues to address - and no favor is too big, too much, too petty or too small to ask. Our lives are chaotic and full of therapy and medical needs all year long. We look forward to coming to Ocean City and have been coming for over 40 years and no place we have ever stayed has treated us as well or understood us as well as the Commander hotel. Since we found you we never have and would never stay anywhere else. Thank you for giving us one week every year of pure relaxation and fun. The rest of the town should take a lesson from you."