Dunes Manor Hotel & Suites Reservations Supervisor, Michele Sorrill, had a wonderful opportunity to make a guests stay extra memorable. Please read her touching story below:

"Last night a woman called inquiring about rates and availability for tonight and tomorrow. In talking to Mrs. Myers she explained her "12 year old grandson is having major surgery early next week and he is really worried about it. He is very worried because he may be left permanently handicapped and unable to walk. She wanted to bring him to the beach so he could go surf fishing and take his mind off the surgery. She was concerned about traveling with him by herself but after our conversation, she said she felt very comfortable with the idea. She initially booked a room at Dune’s Court, but really wanted something ocean front. The Court was more cost effective so she chose a room there. I talked to Michelle B. about the situation and she suggested we upgrade them to the hotel so Austin could have an oceanfront room. When she called Mrs. Myers to tell her about the upgrade she began to cry because she was so excited. Michelle B. put an amenity bag together and had it in the room before they checked in. When they arrived, Mrs. Myers went on and on about how much our hospitality meant to her and Austin. She gave each of us several hugs and could not stop telling us how happy and thankful she was. Austin was so excited to be here and for the opportunity to finally try his hand at surf fishing.  Shortly after the grandmother and grandson checked in to their room, Austin personally called down to the front desk and thanked us all for the nice gesture of the gift bag full of goodies left in the room for him.  Austin’s grandmother, Bonnie was overcome with joy that we took the time out to answer a prayer and allow her grandson a lifetime opportunity."